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Water Buffering in Ethiopia

  • 11 months ago

This video provides a snapshot of what it took to develop substantial ‘water buffers’ in two watersheds in Ethiopia (Karba and Lencha Wedessa Watersheds, Doba Woreda, Oromia) that were reeling under the impact of soil erosion and water scarcity. Farmers, government functionaries and NGOs share their experiences, which outlines the efforts that need to be made at the technical, social and institutional levels to achieve such change. ‘Water buffering’ is an approach to sustainable land/water management that focuses on 3R—Recharge, Retention and Reuse of water. Storage is thus the central concept. The creation of small storage structures all over the landscape offers the possibility to create a water buffer by applying a range of simple and often locally known 3R technologies. This helps to deal with seasonality and droughts.

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